Canadian F1 GP 2018 Review


What a season this is turning out to be 1/3rd down and a one point difference between Sebastian Vettel for Scuderia Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton for AMG Mercedes. Admittedly the Monaco and Canadian F1 races were not spectacular in terms of spectator value but in terms of the hierarchy of F1 and the tiny differences between the teams it is massively significant

Monaco saw Vettel gain some valuable points over Lewis and Canada saw Vettel re-take the lead. Now… out of 7 races, 5 should have been won by Sebastian Vettel. That is the truth of the matter.

This Canadian GP should have suited Mercedes the best and Lewis has won here 6 times before. Also, Red Bull looked very strong on Friday. Ferrari looked lost during the Ferrari sessions….

So, what happened…. Well Ferrari fond something on Saturday and Sebastian’s Pole lap over Bottas was just brilliant. With the FIA testing Ferrari’s battery deployment and asking the team to stop and start the car at various times during the weekend, Ferrari held their nerve and kept very calm.

Vettel wasn’t troubled and even after the first lap crash between Stroll and Hartley, Vettel managed to control the pace to the chasing Bottas.

The strategies were pretty simple to work out and this is perhaps where we are getting frustrated. Are the Pirelli tyres actually too good? Grosjean did nearly the whole race on his qualifying tyres… he was hoping for a SC which never happened…

Anyway, Vettel won from Bottas who has now 4 2nd place finishes this season. Very consistent. Max finished and he was on the podium. NOW interestingly, Red Bull had a chat with Max after the start of a very erratic season..aand they told him to leave mom, dad and sis at home.. Wala…no crash and podium…. Hmmmm

Daniel Ricciardo got a great jump on Lewis Hamilton and as much as Lewis tried he could not catch and pass the Aussie….. Now Lewis…. I am one of your great fans but let’s just have a chat….. don’t come with your “these engine rules are ruining the sport” nonsense…. I didn’t see you complaining when Mercedes dominated the sport for the last 4 seasons because of the “engine” rules… come on Lewis..You are better than that

Kimi had to save fuel…..and finished 6th and then as we have come to sort of expect.. The Renault boys, The Hulk ahead of Sainz JNR…. Then Ocon for Force India and another surprising but excellent result for Alfa Romeo Sauber and Charles Le Clerc…

No McLaren’s, no Williams and no Haas. But let’s be honest Grosjean was desperately unlucky with an Engine blowout on the Saturday. I think he would have been in the points…

So Europe here we come for the summer. 5 Races in 7 weeks….. See you at the Roadshows and hey buy your ticket to win the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. All on the app @f1sasha


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