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Sasha Martinengo was born to be successful and to be in the spotlight. Proudly Italian with an ancestral racing gene in his blood, he was destined to take South Africa by storm, by becoming one of the faces and voices of Formula One and Motorsport in general. A radio and club DJ; television sports presenter; MC; restauranteur and a father of two and very definitely a family man, Sasha can be considered the Everyman of today.

Ever since he can remember social activities and conversations were about racing, which became an intricate part of his life. And his destiny! Born and bred in Johannesburg, he matriculated at Hyde Park High and studied for an IMM diploma at Technikon Witwatersrand in between running his own business, a mobile disco. His official introduction to the music and broadcast industry was when he joined Virgin Records as a product manager and PR – a move that would soon open the doors for him to achieve his greatest goals and follow his childhood dreams.

Armed with experience and a head for business, in 1994 Sasha was offered a position as a DJ on 5fm. He started off on the 1 – 4 am slot, climbing his way up to where he is today. Sasha pioneered night radio when he completed his 5-year stint of 7 – 10pm on 5FM, where he presented the 9 am – 12 pm daytime show. Now he hosts Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast Show on Hot91.9FM, the Award Winning Community Radio Station.

His soaring radio career has helped position him as the ‘Formula One’ guy and exposed him to a national and international racing audience. His breakthrough moment was when he hosted the first ever Formula One Radio show in South Africa on 5FM – with a dream team of guests such as Nigel Mansell, Eddie Jordan, Jarno Trulli, Jean Alesi, Giancarlo Fisichella and more.

With a profound knowledge and understanding for Motorsport and in particular Formula One, Sasha joined the Supersport team as their presenter of the Formula One racing series, also leading him to present and commentate on the National Circuit racing series.

He has had the luck and great opportunity to meet and work with some of the world’s top racing champions, his idols. He hosted the Supersport F1 show as well as doing all the live track action and voice over for the national circuit racing series ; has written articles on Formula One for local and international magazines and websites; has raced with Johnny Herbert and Ralph Firman at the F1 x2 in 2004 and 2005 and has even hosted Jenson Button on behalf of BAR. Sasha is a member of the Ferrari Club of South Africa. Sasha hosted the MPH07 and MPH 08 event in Johannesburg together with Top Gear Presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. He also hosted Top Gear Live together with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in 2009.

Sasha has also released a series of compilation CD’s over the years, Dance Domination with DJ Paul, F and Martinengo Vol 1 and 2 and most recently Sasha’s Essential Hit Picks which has just been certified Gold in South Africa.

Over the years, Sasha has DJ’d at clubs and exclusive events across South Africa and in the UK. He is the proud recipient of a SAMA (South African Music Awards) with Ian F; he has been voted People Magazines Radio Personality of the year and was the first DJ in South Africa to have an official website. This site has subsequently become an exclusive Formula 1 website, allowing only subscribers to receive the newsletter.

From the adrenaline rush of cars racing at unimaginable speeds to the thrill of live broadcasting; from the latest chart-topping music beats to that of his children’s’ first breath, Sasha believes firmly that one must always ‘keep the passion’.

For the past 17 years every other Sunday I have been presenting and promoting F1 to the Television audiences of South Africa and Africa with Supersport. This has been a very passionate journey for me but at many times rather impersonal. 

Fun Facts, etc etc

First job ever: Tennis Coach | Worst job: Selling Geyser control units | Career highlights: Radio DJ - TV Broadcaster - Interviewing pop, rock, sports stars | Best character traits: Punctuality | Worst character traits: Impatient | Sports achievements: I love all sports, that’s an achievement. Had some great high school achievements but that was a long time ago | Favourite food and drink: Anything Italian, Johnny Black with ice | Favourite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean, the Godfather and Ice Age | What I absolutely won't eat: Peas | Car: Fiat, Alfa Romeo & Jeep | Hobbies: Collecting models of cars, Slot Car Racing, watching DVD’s, Amateur motor racing | Other: Keep the Passion !

Sasha Martinengo, F1 Sasha, Formula 1
Sasha Martinengo, Lewis Hamilton, F1 Sasha, Formula 1

Feel the Passion

"My love for F1 dates back to my first ever race attendance back in 1978 at Kyalami. Over the years I have managed to attend many international F1 races which allowed me to even better understand the workings of the world of F1. It still fascinates me every day."

in my experience

fortune favours the brave

Sash Martinengo, F1 Sasha, Formula 1

What a day...

Sasha has raced with Johnny Herbert and Ralph Firman at the F1 x2 in 2004 and 2005 and has even hosted Jenson Button on behalf of BAR.

It was intense...

There is a point when you realise just how talented you have to be to pilot an F1 Racing Car.

F1 Sasha, F1 Renault, Sasha Martinengo