Hingarian GP 2018 Sunday Notes Pre Race

Hungarian GP Sunday Notes 29 July 2018


This could be a classic or it could be a procession. The Hungaroring is an amazing place but the circuit doesn’t lend itself to a lot of overtaking unless the weather plays a part. Yesterdays F2 was spectacular with some incredible driving but the track went from wet to dry. Today I expect a dry hot  tempreture race.

Tyre wear could play a part and Mercedes did suffer a bit on Friday in these kind of conditions. Not this can only be a factor if the following happens :

  • A Ferrari gets in front of the two Mercedes drivers or,
  • a Ferrari gets in between the lead Mercedes driver and thee second Mercedes driver and pushes the leader. Whoever is in the lead can control things. It is complicated but it is true. The driver following has to worry about tyre temps, brake temps and engine temps. The guy in front has clean cool air…the guy behind has turbulent hot scattered air coming at him.

So much happened this week :

Death of Sergio Marchionne. All of the FCA teams are paying tribute to the Motor Man. RIP. Force India has gone into Administration. Sergio Perez instigated it  Another Vijay Mallya failure. This man is unscrupulous and a thief in my opinion. Mclaren has announced the signing of James Key. Red Bull have said …I don’t think so …..

It looks like Esteban Ocon will got to Renault and Carlos Sainz will go to Mclaren… but who will his partner be …. Alonso or Vandoorne…

Todays Race :

Daniel Ricciardo had a nightmare in Qualifying. I do understand that traffic is a problem and especially in wet conditions but if you look at what Kimi Raikkonen achieved in Q2 yesterday then no excuse from Ric.

Turn1.2 and 3. This race is all about the start today the first 3 corners. We could have carnage, YOU have to get in front

As mentioned, temperatures are an issue today. Brakes, tyres and engine.

Toro Rosso were brilliant in Quali but can they maintain the pace in the dry conditions.

HAAS and Sauber have new Ferrari updated engines. They are so much quicker that the drivers kept spinning in FP1 and FP2 due to the power. Can HAAS upset Red Bull today? HAAS don’t have the aero that RBR have but they do have the pace.



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